My Tutus

I have only one real, solid piece of advice: find your tutus! Find those friends to walk, run or walk/run alongside! When you find a group of women with the goal of trying to do something healthy, a magical thing happens. It is no longer about the walk or the's about life, support, and a bond. When you hit the road, it's a place to cry and laugh about this thing we do called life. You will find support, encouragement and cheerleaders who will keep you motivated to keep going, get out of bed (sometimes) and reach higher! We have been together for many years and love to challenge each other, plan a cute outfit or just talk about our day! These women will always hold a place in my heart...memories until I'm old and grey. So, please go out there and find your tutus!!

The "Hot" Things!!!

Elvis is in the house at the Rock and Roll Marathon in Savannah

Miami Half Marathon

Team building project!

Carolina sadly moved but was truly my first "tutu"!

It's all about the costume and the fun of making that costume!